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A cockmuffin is made after obtaining a muffin and rubbing your penis (and balls perhaps) and give it to someone, in the hope that they will eat it.
If one eats it, it will result in a huge comical effect and everyone will laugh at the person who consumed the cockmuffin.
1. Creating a muffin when your friend's back is turned and saying something like, "here have this perfectly normal muffin" and they will inevitably eat it straight after offering it to them. Then the inhumane, humour will commence.

2. I accidently dropped a muffin on my wiener, now it's nothing more than a cockmuffin.

3. I just baked a whole batch of cockmuffins for all the neighbours children to eat.
by BallBagBaggins February 06, 2010
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The act of shoving you're cock into a muffin.
" You're a cockmuffin, well, give me a muffin, Joe! "
by Newblord. June 22, 2003
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a male who is sexually pleased with another man's penis.
Paul was being a cock muffin when he took his mom's dildo to put in his rectum.
by Bunkley April 13, 2008
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1. A muffin that someone sperminated before putting in the oven
2. A dickhead
1. Joe likes cock muffins with extra cum.
2. Joe is a pretty big cock muffin.
by Mister D October 20, 2004
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A cock muffin is what happens when a guy jacks off and wipes his dick clean but then grabs the base of his penis, squeezes then pushes whats left of the sperm in his penis out of his penis, creating what is reffered to as a "Cockmuffin".
"Hey check this out i made a cockmuffin"
by =Ripper= January 22, 2006
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Small dick with incredible width that results in a huge tip of a dick that forms a cock muffin.
Hey baby do you think this should be in a bakery . referring to his cock muffin
by cuntcrusher6914inchstud September 29, 2017
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An insult (or compliment to close friends) substituting jackass, asshole, idiot, idjit, etc.
John, bro! Stop being such a cockmuffin!

Dude, Conner's a real cockmuffin.
by Just A Nerd November 29, 2017
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