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A variation of the phrase 'breaking the seal' whereby one often has to go to the toilet frequently when drinking, once they have gone for the first time of the evening. However, this version can have a variety of misunderstandings that sound like one is about to commit/has just committed an animal rights abuse.

Used mostly in parts of Lancashire and Cumbria, and in particular Lancaster.
Where have you been?' 'I have just been clubbing the seal'
by BenS1986 July 21, 2010
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When you're girl tells you she has to take a dump, you follow her into the bathroom. Just as she sits down to start, you shove your dick up her ass and start having anal.
Jennifer and I spent a good 45 minutes last night clubbing the seal.
by The Dawgpound March 21, 2008
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Verb. When a man strikes his erect penis repeatedly onto a woman's vagina, focusing his strikes on her clitoris. Also known as, "clubbing the baby seal."
Clubbing the seal should only be performed during intimate moments and with the lights on. The woman must be supine with legs fully spread and the man must be kneeling, between her legs. The man should not be too portly. The penis must be fully erect and the labia should be spread open, usually with the assistance of the woman's fingers.
by BooBoo Larue May 22, 2011
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