The fancy Asian word for karaoke.
I'd going to the club; gonna sing some Backstreet Boys.
by The Jacka February 18, 2015
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The phenomena in which a persons extremities are very short and wide. (like feet, legs, arms, hands, neck and not to be confused with a dwarf or midget) The person suffers no physical deformities, yet has wide, stocky extermities. Most easily recognizable are feet.
"Jack, that guy is club"
by fotoflex August 05, 2004
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adj. rare, something that would almost never happen, or a person would almost never do

For instance, if a person you know has a certain habitual routine that they deviate from you can show them that you have noticed by saying to work "club"

antonym: club sarcastic
related words: club body, club body 360, club mind (variations of club that signify the level of rareness that the action holds)
Person 1 "Newark airport does not have any delays."
Person 2 "Club"

Person 1 "There were know Guidos at the Jersey shore."
Person 2 "Club body"

Person 1 "The Knicks lost."
Person 2 "Club sarcastic"
by BZSZLZ February 05, 2010
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A way of purchasing a meal at a college campus dining hall.
Yo Derrel...lemme club this shit!
by John January 12, 2005
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A women with a large clitoris, usually when erect, but sometimes large even before arousal.
"Sheeet, she could knock a niggas eye out with that club bulging in her panties. People be thinkin she packin heat. Pfffft! Hahaha! I can tell she is in heat. Bout to make my moves on that aroused shorty."
by atm TJ July 30, 2019
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