What you strike baby seals with.
Girl: Hey, I'm going out clubbing tonight.
Friend: Clubbing what? Baby seals?
by Faceplant April 26, 2005
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A modern concentration camp for homosexual mongs.
Clubs, like most concentration camps, are crowded, dark, damp, and lacking of sustenance. Its prisoners are tortured with loud, awful noises produced by people with Down syndrome.

Fortunately for club owners, homosexual mongs are retarded enough to return and even pay to be exploited in this manner, resulting in reduced costs associated with keeping these people locked up and away from society.
by rpr March 28, 2013
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A place commonly inhabited by preppy white metrosexuals, they're main goals while "clubbing" are to:

- Act like pimps
- Take advantage of drunk underage sluts
- Pretend they're from the hood by using urban accents and driving pimped out Jettas
The club is where all the spoiled rich white kids go, it makes them feel 'gangsta' to hop in their Jettas that their parents bought them and drive to the club to listen to the same 50 Cent songs they were just blasting in their cars
by AnIntelligentMale March 21, 2006
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A place where you can usually find people with bottles of bub
"You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub"
by dzla July 20, 2008
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the word club has been known for a very very very long time,
back in the olden days a club was used to
1. beat things
2. hammer things
3. kill things
hammering things was not reconized until later when a man was killing something he realized that moving thy club in a up and down swinging motion it would move the obect being clubed down and if hit long enough would meld in to the earth. he found that it could hit a nail it too would move down. this bore the age of construction. killing things was probly the most useful of all for it got rid of enemies and too it fed.
in this new time club is refered to as a place where you can dance and meet people.
1.wow me club bashed five of dem four leged monsters. i be eatin good tonite!!

2.dude that new club down on bleacker st is hopping yes very hopping...

3.did you hear about the club fight at the club? this guy in a lioncloth was jumping and whooping as he bashed the bouncer with a wood club.
by Lucas Strader July 11, 2005
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A variation of techno music.
A place where people go to socialize or dance.
by AYB March 30, 2003
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