/klout 'CHāsər/ noun: a person who strategically associates themselves with the success of a popular person or a currently contemporary trend to gain fame an attention. This personality disorder is often resembled as, "riding the wave" without concern for damage or integrity. - Uncle Snoop
Celina Powell, Offset's alleged baby momma, was a clout chaser because she lied about being pregnant with Offset's baby for 9 months. She presented falsified evidence, went on social media and claimed the reports were true. She's a clout chaser because she did all that for 15 minutes of fame. Now no one even gives her the time of day 🤷🏾 ♂️
by UndrCovrBrthr13 July 17, 2018
Only wants to fit in with upperclassmen to gain popularity. As one will only hang out, date or talk to a “popular” person just to get recognition.
Amy: Omg did you know that Sarah is only dating John because he’s the most popular guy in school.

Gabby: Omg she’s such a Clout Chaser
by savc.c March 2, 2019
A person who hangs out or talks to someone because of how popular they are.
Don't talk to that guy he's just a clout chaser
by IamJew March 24, 2017
A person who does everything a popular person or a trendy person does Just to fit in
He can’t do anything original he’s a clout chaser
by Heidi fj September 21, 2019
A person who dates, talks about, or hangs around one who is very popular just to make them look better. These people typically have no life and want to look cool by others.
Emily doesn’t even like Brad, she just dates him because he’s on the basketball team and makes her look better. He’s actually not her type, he’s corny, ugly, and has no swag. Ugh She’s such a clout chaser.
by LegitLife23 June 27, 2018
a person that only does stuff for fame
You know I go as a Clout Chaser dude.
by AYYStopCloutChasers October 18, 2018
Someone obsessed with clout and will do outlandish things just to get a taste of it.
OMG Tanner is SUCH and clout chaser.
by Buk3t G0d April 16, 2018