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Utilizing the resonance of water molecules in clouds when disturbed by wireless signals to transmit data around the globe from cloud to cloud.
I use cloud computing so I don't have to worry about viruses, I only have to worry about birds flying through my cloud.
by xelanil March 06, 2011
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Cloud Computing - Virtual Server service is provided over the internet.

The 'So What'....
cheaper to maintain server over internet
access desktop from anywhere using browser
cheaper to store MORE data
Hmmm....but I'm moving my private stuff to the internet....that's SOCIAL NETWORKING isn't it?

Hey...Cloud Computing isn't NEW!!!!

Don't let them pull THE CLOUD over your eyes!!!!!

My data feels even more vulnerable to being HACKED!!!!!
by Sister Analogy January 09, 2011
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A pointless catchphrase (marketing strategy) for technology that has existed for years.
If I always allude to Web 2.0, Cloud computing, synergy, and green power, maybe people won't realize that I'm a complete moron.
by crowdeb November 08, 2009
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Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualised resources are provided as a service over the Internet. Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure "in the cloud" that supports them
Sun Microsystems showcased the Sun Open Cloud Platform, the company's open cloud computing infrastructure, powered by industry-leading software technologies from Sun, including Java, MySQL, OpenSolaris and Open Storage.
by terababy March 20, 2009
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If one could consider the internet itself as being similar to a "cloud", in the way that it seemingly floats ubiquitously over everything and is not owned by anyone, cloud computing is using a cheap, rudimentary computer terminal as the only hardware you need in order to accomplish fully functional computing.
Man! Alhamdullilah that each one of us is finally able through cloud computing to stop being tied down to all that duplicative hardware!
by pamschel May 18, 2008
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A term that basically describes the many loss of IT jobs.

Back in the good ol' days, manpower was required to get work done. These days, you just need a bunch of Indians (From India) who follow a scripted business model, and offer, or at least what they consider, a "service".

The large volume of third-world competition has not only decimated industry-level wages by about 40%, but has also eliminated thousands of previously existing jobs.

Simply put, if you are considering a career in IT, stay away! All of us who are now in IT are wishing we had chosen a different career path as we do not know if there will be a career for us in the long-term.
2008 (new student intake class) - professor speaking: "There are MANY jobs in IT! You will all start at over $60,000 per year! STARTING! You kids were smart to make this choice!

2011 (graduates) - outcome: Average starting wages fell to around 35-40k per year.

"Gee golly, sir, I sure do love being taken advantage of by my employer due to the shitty economic climate!"

Another example:
A student looks for a job, only to discover that all "junior" entry-level positions, require 3-5 years of industry-level experience. Life is so not fair sometimes.

A dude gets rejected after his 4th interview for requesting a livable wage:
"cloud computing can kiss my ass!"
by bluemuffin March 04, 2012
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