A gay person who is unable to admit they're gay, usually for fear of being rejected by their peers.

It's not fun to be a closet case. You shouldn't make fun of someone who is a closet case. Gay teenagers are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than straight teenagers.

Who can blame them, really, when they grow up thinking something is unchangeably wrong with them?
Jake is 19 and still a closet case... sad
by nobody356789076e May 01, 2010
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A closet case is a person who denies their homosexuality. Either because they are young and haven't come to terms with their sexuality. Or they are famous and want to make money marketing themselves to the opposite sex.
There are five closet cases in the band one direction.
by Military milo March 01, 2017
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is a person that is in the closet who either doesn’t realize he/she is gay but is questioning his/her sexuality intensely, knew he/she is gay but can’t come to terms with it, or a person that has come to terms with their sexuality but was fearful of possible social repercussions of being gay
Jimmy was a closet case because before he came out, he had trouble realizing that he was gay.
by Dizizcwazy October 26, 2009
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A homosexual who denies their homosexuality, and claims to be heterosexual.
Zach is such a closet case, he says he like women, but we all know he wants a big warm cock in his asshole.
by bigfuckindick September 21, 2006
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(n.) A gay or bisexual person who hides his sexual preference from others especially to avoid exclusion from hot locker room scenes high contact sports like wrestling and rugby.
Have you ever noticed the way Craig spends so much time in the locker room, showering, drying and showering all over again? I wonder if he's a closet case.
by Perspective July 05, 2003
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A man of homosexual orientation who is afraid to come clean due to iminent humiliation and beating
by timmy2dope April 27, 2005
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(1) A homosexual person who cannot admit they are gay, for fear of being rejected by their peers or large Conservative audience.

i.e. Steven Crowder, failed comedian, host of political podcast Louder with Crowder
“Did you hear Steven Crowder call his wife’s ass a ‘buttocks’? What a fucking closet case.”
by duckkkkkkkkkkk December 08, 2020
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