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Before anal, give your partner laxatives then use your dick as a butt plug.
Boy: Hey Alex, I heard Kranny gave Ariana a clogged toilet!!
Alex: hope he double bagged!
by Butt clogger November 03, 2018
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Used during sexual intercourse, when you stick your own feces inside another human's butthole.
Guy 1: Bro what did you do on your tinder date?

Guy 2: Dude we did EVERYTHING. Even the clogged toilet!

Guy1: No way bro! she sounds like a keeper!
by darkenedwenis June 27, 2019
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the sex act of stuffing multiple oranges or other spherical fruits into the vagina, then scrubbing the vaginal walls with a toilet brush
The tangelos I ate from the clogged toilet didn't taste very good
by HattoriHanzo May 31, 2011
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