Big, oversized boots or shoes that make clunky noises on the floor when you are walking.
I don't think you need to be wearing the clodhoppers on the plane.
by Cuban B That's Me January 11, 2006
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large ungainly foot wear weilded in a heavy, uncoordinated fashion.
I dont think we need the clodhoppers on the seat, do we?
by Bonnie Esposito July 01, 2006
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boots, esp. hiking boots, esp. if large, ugly, and/or filthy
Get your clodhoppers off the table!
by foltor August 08, 2005
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being a huge idiot in front of others for no apperent reason
a person jumping out of no where and acting foolish and the person says to the person you are a clodhopper
by sean McCann May 22, 2006
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