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Very small dinosaur that inhabited the vulva mounds during the jurassic period. Though no direct evidence of it's existance has ever been documented, it is widely speculated to be a close relative of the larger Penisourus. This carnivorous dinosour was protected by an elastic sheath called the clit hood. It is assumed that the Clitoris Rex emerges from it's hood only when feeding. It's diet consisted of direct penile, finger and tounge stimulation.
"Did you hear about that guy who discovered evedence of the Clitoris Rex?"

"Man, don't you know that thing is a myth. The clit is about as real as dragons and unicorns."
by Kurt91 May 07, 2005
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any Clitoris thats as big as a thumb and takes you by surprise
man I was with this girl and she had a Clitoris Rex , I yelled when I saw that thing
by Crazychris April 14, 2014
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