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Like Clitoris and Literal
the straight forwardnesss of a girl wanting to get it on
John- "i didn't think i was going to get very far with sarah last night, but then she got cliteral with me.
dan- "what do you mean"
John "she just looked at me and said "stick it in already!""
dan- "well that was rather cliteral of her!"
by klijinky February 28, 2010
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When a woman says something explicitly, but actually means something entirely different, if not even contradictory.

Not to be confused with "Literal," the logical meaning of words used by men.
Man: You ok? You're being weird.
Woman: I dunno, I'm fine, it's nothing. Promise.
(slightly later)

Woman: "I don't care."
Cliteral meaning: A phrase only said at the point in which a woman actually cares the most about said contextual topic.
by Eeeeen. January 15, 2010
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characterized by a concern mainly with women. Like being literal, but in a more sexual manner.
I wanted to have sex with her so bad, I cliterally told her exactly that.
by scootybooty September 22, 2009
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When one is speaking only the unaltered truth about female genitalia.
"Betty's vagina cliterally had scales, it was very similar to that time I mouth-raped a salmon."
by My mom's mom's mom August 13, 2011
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