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The act of driving around, blasting loud music, anywhere from rap to Frank Sinatra, and annoying the hell out of innocent pedestrians. Also, masks and other accessories such as a 3D glasses, megaphone, police siren, and police light may be involved. This usually involves yelling racial slurs at various types of people, from black people to fat people to old people (i.e. anyone who's not a wealthy white douche-bag).
The other night, we went to try this new restaurant called the Cliff-house that got a great review by Mike Schreiner. However, we were severely disappointed not only in our meals, but in our shits as well. We felt as if we needed revenge on this terrible restaurant, so later that night, we drove around the valet turnaround upwards of 8 times, scaring the living daylights out of the mexican valet and everyone else who eats there because they don't know the difference between McDonalds and Flemings Steakhouse. We discovered that this was easily the funniest thing in the history of mankind, so it is performed on a weekly basis. This became known as "Cliffjumping."
by Dr. Jewish September 08, 2010
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