Portland, OR.

Noun) Place where rich white kids go to school, and act like they are all black. Listen to rap music, suck at all sports.
Man, that kid is such a wigger, he must be attending Cleveland High School.
by GregOdensABeast October 08, 2009
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the school nobody knows of in shelby, north carolina. also called by many "smarty-pants school"
gays and gals flourish here
this girl im talking to goes to cleveland early college high school (CECHS)
oh dope, she must be real smart
by babey jade January 31, 2021
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Cleveland district state high school in Australia is the lace to be, not. Druggos everywhere, drama everywhere and whores everywhere. Some boys are chill but others just wanna Fuck, most girls just want attention and drama but some can be chill. Teachers don't give a damn about students. Shitty school. If you want to achieve in sports then go here but otherwise don't because u will end up either a druggo or a Cunt.
by Bsifbfjd October 17, 2017
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A place for mentally ill individuals who have nowhere else to go. It is a safe haven for those retarded and a hellhole for those who want to succeed. Drugs, retards, and terrible curriculum are located here! If you want any chance of surviving an then succeeding in life, avoid this mental asylum!
"Hey John, what's the worst school you know of?" "Oh, easy. Cleveland High School - Portland!"
by Harvard Future Grad January 10, 2019
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A very crappy school that has dumb people and a place where Freshman girls fuck their coaches.
Jacob: What school did you attend
Sebastian: Cleveland Texas High School
Jacob: Oh, isn’t that where the girl fucked a coach

Sebastian: Yeah
by The_facts March 27, 2019
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