aka Rim Job

The act of licking someone’s sphincter and inserting your tongue ever so slightly into their anus.
"Damn, Sheila, you're one ugly chick. But when you're cleaning the kitchen you're fine as fuck!"
by lick a lotta spokes October 13, 2004
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The act of cleaning out one's colon in preparation of anal sex (i.e. an enema). Derived from the coloration similarities of the brownie and fecal matter.

Note: During colloquial use, it is customary to replace "the" with a possessive pronoun such as "your", "his", or "her".
Innuendo: If you clean the kitchen prior to anal sex, it can facilitate a healthy colon.

Colloquial: Did you clean your kitchen yet? I want to post a video online.
by John Wilmer November 19, 2007
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Leaving a formal occasion, usually involving family members, to have sex in a different room, and then staunchly denying the act took place.
Lauren and George left the table in the middle of Sunday Brunch, to "clean the kitchen," and returned an hour later, with smiles and disheveled hair.
by Sukkot January 15, 2012
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Black folks' slang for to trim the hair around the upper neck area.
(Young black male walks into the house)
Mom: Son you need to clean yo kitchen
Son: Aight den I'll go to the babashop tamarra
by arrow_keys September 15, 2005
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This is when you spread your ass cheeks and someone licks your butthole.

Gay boy- Ayyy, I'm gonna be cleaning your kitchen tonight, -wink-.
Straight boy- Nawww, I'm straight, you faggot.
by P0000000000P298356398497853257 January 19, 2009
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If a woman keeps her pussy in a neat/tidy state in regards to pubic hair. Does not necessarily mean hairless in that region but can often mean that.
"Do you keep a clean kitchen?"
"Yes! I wax all the time!"
by mojario May 6, 2007
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