An organized cult-like group of middle-aged and elderly shut-ins, (mostly females) that can suffer from coprophagia, mental afflictions and morbid obesity, all with a shared worship of reality show loser Clay Aiken.
Known to attack at any perceived slight of the object of their devotion. Vicious in large packs.
This nutty Claymate is freaking out because I said "Clay who"?
by SharxsOctopus September 3, 2012
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a female fan of the singer Clay Aiken
My mom is a total Claymate!
by SpeakEasy November 30, 2003
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An animation or movie created by manipulating clay models, taking photographs for every individual frame that are then concatenated to form the actual animation.
"This claymation was very nicely done."
by Schneelocke December 23, 2004
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clay aiken fans. Mostly women who are old, fat, homophobic and white.
That fat chick is a claymate.
by bonitas June 24, 2006
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A devoted fan of "American Idol II" contestant Clay Aiken, who placed second. Claymates are responsible for the shower of panties during the AI2 concert tour, as well as getting Clay to number 1 on the charts.
Me? A Claymate? But of course! I even have an "Aiken for Clay" shirt!
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2004
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im not one but they are devoted fans of clay aiken and invovle the whole throwing of underwear/bras on stage.....hmmm scary its
alll my friends audrey,i dono anyone else (i have more friends) adn david hahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaahhaahahhahahaahhaha
by Raven March 23, 2004
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1. The location in which one is Making Clay, or defecating.
2. The Bathroom
"Hey man, I've got to visit the claymation studio before we leave."
by Flawed Philosophy's Jake Jones October 14, 2009
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