12 definitions by Anna Lynn Sanders

Your parent's female cat.

If your parents paid for it, its your catsister.
If you paid for it, its your cat.
If your sibling paid for it, its your niece-kitten.

A short, convienient way to say "The cat my parents adopted for me, but its still technically their cat because they paid for it. I call it my cat sometimes but my parents pay for all of her stuff. So shes like my sister except for the fact that she is a cat."

A wonderful compound word that is easy to understand even if you didn't look it up on urbandictionary.

Cat + sister = your sister thats also a cat. DUH RETARD SO OBVIOUS
Yeah but my catsister was meowing all night.
by Anna Lynn Sanders August 29, 2010
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There are 10 types of family

1.Lineal/Immediate Family
parents, grandparents, etc. Children, grandchildren etc.

2.Collateral Family
Aunts, uncles, cousins etc.

3.Adoptive Family
Family by adoption

Your step-parent's side of the family.Your step-kids are also your step-family. Step-grandpa, stepmom, step-sister etc.

Family of Family or Stepfamily, but not YOUR family.

Your god-parents side of the family is your god-family. God mother, god father, god sister etc.

This is what happens when you say "Love ya like a sister!" to your BFF. She becomes costco family because you love her like family.

Your legal gaurdian(s) and the people who live with them are your custodial family, related or not.

9.Marital Family
Your spouse and anyone who lives with them falls into this category.

The family of your spouse, or the spouse of a relitave.
1. Don't say you don't have a Lineal Family, because you do.

2. My mom is Immediate family, and so her other children are my collateral family.

3. I wish I could be adopted by a better family

4. Sexual relations with your stepfamily IS incest!

5. Twins run in my side-family.

6. My godfamily is a small family of two.

7. I was looking forward to spending time with my costco family over summer vacation.

8. I heard someone in your custodial family is pregnant with triplets?

9. My marital family drives me crazy sometimes.

10. My bff is my sister-in-law.
by Anna Lynn Sanders June 2, 2010
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1. Your character's offspring.
2. Your offspring's character.

Only used by ULTRA-nerds as a term of endearment to there characters.
1. My character, Cinnamon Micnally, is pregnant with girl triplets. They are my Grancharacters!

2. My twins are writing a story. I love my grandcharacters.
by Anna Lynn Sanders September 15, 2010
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A female hillbilly who is still a hillbilly even though she is totally elegant and fashionable. But other than that, they have all of the other hillbilly characteristics.
by Anna Lynn Sanders October 12, 2010
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The most retarded show in the history of shows, is actually a show within a show called Sonny with a chance. Its about this dickhead named McKenzie and his whore of a girlfriend Chloe, and the fact that their love is "forbidden" probably because he is her fucking brother *spoiler*
Alice: Lets watch McKenzie falls!
Annie: Falls! *poors water on Alice*
by Anna Lynn Sanders June 14, 2010
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Family by adoption. These people manage to be your "family" and "related" without sharing your dna.
My Adoptive Family is my REAL family. Im not going back to my stupid bio-parents.
by Anna Lynn Sanders June 2, 2010
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1. When a child is adopted, EVERYONE has problems. The adoptee, the birthfamily, and...believe it or not, the adoptive family. The adoptive family is happy about adopting, don't get me wrong. But when you have "BABY STEALER!" and "YOUR NOT MY REAL PARENTS!" thrown in your face all day, you wonder why you didn't just try for a biological offspring.

2. Developing pregnancy symptoms when you are waiting for your adoptive child to come to your house. This is actually quite rare, and is not directly caused by adopting. If your desicsion to adopt is supported by friends and relitaves of the baby, you will probably not get it. This is actually caused by the stress of dealing with anti-adoption freaks and feeling like you arent a worthy parent because you didn't give birth to the child you are going to raise.
Sally: Everyone suffers from adoption exept the adoptive family, because they have NO PROBLEMS while the other two triads are suffering.
Sue: Shut up. You don't know how it feels to get called a baby stealer and a fake mom all day.
Sally: So you deserve to feal bad, baby stealer.

2. Adoptive sympathy is no pleasent experience. But its worth adopting a child.

3. Adoptive parents need to say bye to their reputation and say hello to "fake" parenting.
by Anna Lynn Sanders July 12, 2010
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