Class of 2026 is the fewest amount of Gen Z kids. Most are annoying some are cool. All have phones and try acting like older classes. Friends and acts exactly like class of 2025
Class of 2026 and 2025 would be the best couple
by DiamondPanda March 7, 2020
The class that graduates in 2026. The Freshman in Aug. 2022. The Sophomore in Aug. 2023. The Juniors in Aug. 2024. And the Seniors in Aug. 2025. Also, by far the best graduating class. They listen to a lot of rap and some are weird but the majority are cool. They look up to the class of 2025 a lot and make fun of the class of 2027 and 2028 a lot. They know more people from the class of 2023 than the class of 2024.
“Which graduating class are you in?”

“I’m the class of 2026.”
Class of 2026 are a bunch of emo's and has girls who wear too much make-up to make themselves look "pretty" . Don't even get me started with the boys they are all f**k boys who wanna get laid and most of the time act or are horny with other guys.
Hey John, Have you seen Class of 2026? I hear that they're all trying to be like as cool as the prior classes
by classof2025isdabestclass December 22, 2021
Possibly the most annoying graduating class you could ever imagine. If you have any 2026 kids on your bus, you might as well walk to school. Most of them are spoiled and already have phones, though they have a cracked screen since they’re immature and irresponsible. They have no filter and no boundaries. It’s very rare to find a kid from the class of 2026 that’s over 5 feet tall.
Oh my gosh class of 2023 is so annoying!”
“You think they’re bad? look at class of 2026!”
by obamasdog69 October 23, 2019
Current sixth graders, these are class of 2023 wannabees. 95% of them have broken phones. Don't even bother trying to talk to them if you're class of 2024 and older. They're self-centered brats that think they're cool. Some of them are okay, but most of them are annoying as fuck.
"Look at that class of 2026 kid!"

"So fucking annoying."
by Yowhatsupyall March 16, 2020