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A suburb of Portland, Oregon. Largely known as Cracka-My-Ass because that's what downtown (is there a downtown?) Clackamas looks and smells like.
Job opportunities largely do not exist in Clackamas, unless you like working at the local "Hotdog on a stick" franchise. Of course most of the teenagers yearn to have such a highly skilled job, and they love those hot looking uniforms.
The parents of Clackamas think if they buy a 5 year old Escalade, that it will give them the same status as those new money wannabe's from West Linn. The reality is, their houses are sitting on top of each other, and they are all one paycheck away from taking their kid's shift at the aforementioned "Hotdog on a stick Franchise".
Hey I live in Clackamas, I'm hungry, where's the closest Denny's?
by BuBBa from Milwaukie November 09, 2007
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