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Citlalli's are really great girls. A Citlalli's personality is usually nice, ambitious, funny, and nerdy. Citlalli's have marvelous music taste. They might come off as mean and cynical, but it's only because they have no interest in you, otherwise Citlallis are unbelievable and perfect. They're perfect friends.
A: Where's your best friend?
B: You mean Citlalli?

A: Yes
B: She's buying us tickets to the next Queen concert.
by istherenousernameleft April 03, 2013
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Origin: Aztec name, Nahuatl language, used mostly in Mexico,

Meaning: "Princes of the Stars"; "Star"; "woman with star face"; "Morning Star"; "Morning Light"

Variants: female: Citlalli, Xitlalli, Citlali; male: Cuahutemoc.

Historical legend: Citlalli was an Aztec princess when the Spaniards arrived to Mexico. One of the Spaniards fell in love with her and killed her family, husband, and newborn baby to take her as servant.

Despite having her as a servant, the Spaniard loved Citlalli more than he loved his wife. When his wife was giving birth to their first child, he asked her to assist the birthing. After successfully assisting the birth Citlalli kills the baby, and the mother; and, tells the Spaniard to kill her. The Spaniard kills Citlalli, and commits suicide shortly after. (Sounds Wicked).
She who laughed last must be a Citlalli.
by LALI G. February 03, 2010
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