The go-to gas station for an avetard. He will go to this gas station for many different reasons including: juul pods, food, beer, White Claws, and many more. Also, frequent runs will be made to this gas station while high for munchies food.
We got high and then Norman "Nick" was insistent on going to Circle K so we went there to go get some food for his munchies.
by TurnM3Up December 11, 2019
A place underage kids go to get pods and juuls with out being carded
yo bro let’s go to circle k for some pods
by unshodbrick5522 June 23, 2018
A derogatory term for a Jewish person because some Kosher foods are marked with a circle with a K inside of it
. You're such a Circle K
. Shut up Circle K
. Since your a Circle K does that mean you go to synagogue
by Kosher_midget September 25, 2018
A place that people go to get icees at lunch or after school. Like 711, but the better version.
its so hot, lets get some icees at circle k.
by laxrat25 March 10, 2014
a place to go get knocked up in a truck
camille don’t get knocked up in a 7-eleven” “not a 7-eleven… maybe a circle k but not a 7-eleven”
by barbecuesauce42 December 11, 2019
really dirty feet, as if you had just walked around a Circle-K convenience store for the last hour without shoes on.
Get those Circle K feet of the couch!
by Scoopzilla June 17, 2004
(n) Marijuana, usually of decent quality (hence the term chronic), bought outside a local gas station or convenience store.
Yesterday I walked over to a near-by gas station and immediately scored some Circle K Chronic from some homeless guy sitting out front.
by Smoking during 1999 Superbowl February 19, 2009