Effectively the same thing as a cinnamon roll. (A character or person who is adorable/innocent/precious/cute and must be protected at all costs, but may or may not be exposed to constant pain that they do not deserve).

The only difference in usage is that cinnamon roll is less common and does not generally imply that the character/person is in constant danger.
Person 1: "How did his ex do that to him???"
Person 2: "IKR, how could you hurt a cinnamon bun like that?"


Person 1: "have you seen the new kid?"
Person 2: "yeah, he's such a cinnamon bun."
by ... --- ... September 23, 2020
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When a Guy jizzes on someones ass.

Creating the illusion of Cinammon Buns.
Gio said,"Can I give you cinnamon buns tonight, mama?"

Stephanie,"FUCK no."
by Stephanie and Gio August 02, 2008
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A sweet ass. Can be a male or female.
Dude 1: Did you see Taylor's wearing yoga pants today?

Dude 2: Dayummmm can't wait to check out those cinnamon buns
by LNMK August 08, 2012
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when a girl with really long hair has her hair done up in a bun, and you blow your load on it it looks like a cinnamon bun.
last night Tyler and Levi gave Dakota a cinnamon bun
by xRAHOWAx14x88 January 31, 2011
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When ya boi takes a fat shit and you nut into it.
Named after the shape likeness to a cinnamon bun, with white on top of brown.
Damn I found a thicc cinnamon bun in the sink the other day!
by eroticpotate November 17, 2017
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A Cinnamon Bun is a sexual act for which a group of men will stand in a circle (note: all men must have the same dominant hand). The men will put their non dominant hand in the middle of the circle, all meeting the tips of their fingers in the middle, the will then curl their fingers almost into a fist and it will look like a cinnamon bun. Then they will all masturbate and cum onto the cinnamon bun to add icing.
Wow, that was a nice cinnamon bun we had last night boys!
by Gerry Jack September 28, 2018
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