Little girl from the grinch with the cool hair do, super cute. Believes the grinch is sweet. Has a mouse-like nose and likes to sing, generally about Christmas.
by Asian Weeds December 22, 2008
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better known as Cindy Lou Ho or Cindy Lou Whore or Cindy Loves Dick
Cindy Lou Who stores her dildo in her hair
by thatbitchinthecorner December 28, 2019
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When a person pats another person on the head like the Grinch does to Cindy Lou Who. The patting is done in a condescending manner.
How many times in The Grinch is the Grinch cindy lou whoing Cindy Lou Who?
by Luigi's cooler brother November 01, 2012
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When a girls face has a upturned nose and puffy cheeks
Jipster: Damn that girl looks good!
Mike: ughh she has cindy lou who disorder
jipster: So
by Kevin Achllieus March 17, 2007
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