n - A green martial artist responsible for the breaking of Joe Swanson's legs.
Ryan: How come the neighbor from Family Guy can't use his legs?

Mark: Didn't you see that episode in the first season? He tried to stop The Grinch from stealing Christmas from orphans, but ended up getting his ass whooped, and fell off a roof. You don't fuck with The Grinch.
by Urban Dictionarion January 22, 2012
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You and your girlfriend/boyfriend break into someone's house on Christmas Eve, have sex under the tree, then steal all their presents.
"What'd you guys do for Christmas?"

"Well we were horny AND poor so we decided to give the rich people up the street The Grinch.
by Johnny Ishkabibble March 23, 2009
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Stealing a girls virginity unwillingly using Christmas Themed items.
"I raped that ho ho ho with some jingle bells."
"Don't make me give you The Grinch you next..."
by ChristWhite December 08, 2008
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A sexual act of stuffing a pine tree into the vagina or anus of another.
1. "Ill stuff up the tree" Ricky exclaimed, as he proceeded to wedge the large Christmas tree into his Melba's vagina, as if he was the Grinch himself.
by Oliver Dwyer April 07, 2008
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The best fucking creature in all of fucking Whoville.


- Grinch Harper
"I had the best of times last night with the Grinch, his dick was so green and hairy."


"I went to the Grinch's house last week. He lives on the tip of Mount Crumpit and has a killer view"
by grinchlover December 03, 2018
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Slang word meaning cunt from the How I Met Your Mother episode: How Lily Stole Christmas.
Ted: On Marshall's answering machine Hey, Marshall. Still moping on the couch about Lily? Forget about her. You need to get over that Grinch.
Older Ted: Flashback But I didn't say Grinch. I said a bad word. I said a very, very bad word...
Ted: Oh, fudge.
Older Ted: Flashback But I didn't say fudge.

Ted: She took the decorations? That Grinch!
Older Ted: Flashback That time I really did say Grinch.
by Mike Stark June 10, 2014
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A mythical creature that lives in a cave on a mountain. This may used as an insult towards someone, if the person is very aggressive and has no good morals or someone who likes to steal other peoples things.
Aidan: Hey Kelsey, why did you steal my shirt and my 10 bucks?

Kelsey: Because I'm a grinch.

Aidan: Yes, you are indeed a grinch.
by oceangang69 October 11, 2014
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