1. Means sky or heaven in French. Very cool word.

2. The name of the main character in Black Butler.
1. The Ciel (sky) is blue.

2. Ciel Phantomhive is the fictional CEO of the fictional Funtom Co.
by petriesheep January 20, 2011
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Ciel is an amazing girl, she is truly beautiful, and anyone who knows her is incredibly lucky. She's passionate and knows what's right and what's wrong, and will fight for anyone and anything. She is always smiling and makes everyone around her smile too. She is the most amazing person I know, and she is always there for her friends and family. All she wants is to make people happy and for people to be filled with love and joy.
Ciel is a very rare and precious one. Love her and cherish her, for if you know a Ciel, you are very lucky.
1) Every time I walk near Ciel, I feel a warm Ray of happiness and love, I can't help but be happy when I'm near her!
2) Same here, she's just so kind and has a pure heart!

1) Maybe she's an angel sent from God!
by The man in the alien costume January 2, 2020
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Means sky or heaven in French. Ciel is a jerk and a beautiful guy with a lovely eyes his smile beautiful as the sky on sunny day. Confident and smart, very funny and is extremely intelligent, has a great personality, good sense of style, and is great at sports. He is great at s.. , one night guy, loves every good looking girl, all the girls want him and probably will do anything for him! Also he is there whenever your hurt or whenever you need help he's just an awesome and one of the most perfect guys.
Guy: Let's do dr*gs!

Ciell: No way man, you'll get addicted and become a f*** h**d.

Guy: Ok.
by caitlin1994..... January 12, 2014
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A beautiful, fun loving and incredibly smart human being with the eyes of an angel and a heart of gold.

If you ever meet a ciel, keep her
Ciel is literally perfect, how is she so hot
by Brigbain420 November 7, 2019
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A bottled water that is made by the coca cola company and is sold in mexico
Girl 1: heyy I want some aquafina! Consuela: Que? Yo quero agua CIEL!
by TiestoandGuettaFail July 16, 2011
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