Another universal word for pretty
Example ; Alya, you look so cibai today !
by Leo Khia November 20, 2020
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Cibai: An abstract interpretation-based static analyzer for modular analysis and verification of Java classes
by Francesco Logozzo
January 2007

We introduce Cibai a generic static analyzer based on abstract interpretation for the modular analysis and verification of Java classes. We present the abstract semantics and the underlying abstract domain, a combination of an aliasing analysis and octagons.

We discuss some implementation issues, and we compare Cibai with similar tools, showing how Cibai achieves a higher level of automation and precision while having comparable performances.

by lightyoruichi May 19, 2009
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Similar to shit fuck and more. Mostly used in Malaysia and Singapore to cuss at someone who's doing something weird.
β€œCibai ah that kid. Steal steal my candy” complaint yangyang angrily to kun
by Porthea November 24, 2020
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