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So on October 10th 2000 God said here you go and gave the beautiful, the talenty, the adorable Liu Yangyang, probably the only german-chinese singer out there, I stan

Liu Yangyang is WayV's Main rapper, sub-vocalist and youngest, he's also the boy that made me want to study german again (me and my grades say thank you) and the cutest boy that ever walked on earth. So you better love, appreciate and stop sleeping on him because he deserve it.
Person 1: Do you know Liu Yangyang
Person 2: Yes of course, he's the bestest boy ever :)
by IMISSYANGYANG October 21, 2019
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A word to describe an all round perfect human being that disposes an east asian ethnicity and was raised in a germanian city called Düsseldorf. This kind of person is also capable and skilled in every artistic matter, specially rapping.

A YangYang is usually friends with a ''10''. The word YangYang can be also used to talk about someone who surpasses all expectations and that coincidentally comes to be the hottest person on earth.
Example1: He looks so cool!! but still not a YangYang :(
Example2: That wayv member, the one who raps, he is such a YangYang :)
by Chittaprr Leechaiyapornkul November 10, 2020
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southern term for "non-sense" or "bullshit".
As used by Outkast in the song, "Git up git out"

I should have listened when my Momma told me that
If you play now you gonna suffer later
Figured she was talking yang-yang so I paid her
No attention and kept missing the point, she tried to poke me with
by flashdance asspants February 24, 2010
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Yangyang ist ein Ehrenmann
Yangyang reservierte seine Liege im Urlaub als einziges mit einem Handtuch. Sie wird trotzdem besetzt.

Yangyang *sucht Schnitzel und Bier*
Yangyang *singt Atemlos unter der Dusche*
Yangyang *sammelt Pfandflaschen und vergisst, dass es sowas in Korea nicht gibt*
Yangyang *legt beim Einkaufen immer etwas langes zwischen seinen Einkauf und den der anderen, um den Trenner zu ersetzten, auch wenn es auf keinem Fließband ist, sondern einfach auf der Thecke*
Yangyang *passt darauf auf, dass die Lautstärke des Fernsehers im Dorm immer durch Zwei teilbar ist*
by celina641 July 17, 2018
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Dancer, Rapper, Member of WayV
Emperor of Germany, Ehrenmann, Skinny Legend, King, Bilingual King, Bruder
Stan WayV, Stand NCT
Yang Yang is the Emperor of Germany.
Yang Yang is a Skinny Legend.
by Youngbrian February 01, 2019
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