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A Churle. A singular species, so singular it is the rarest species of VEGAN on the plant... A Churle is never found in the wild, but it is indeed a wild creature. Churle tends not to stray far from the traits as to which I shall list next. Traits include: ordering vegan books (against his masters will), meditating (meditating anywhere from the airplane to the backyard), cooking BLAND food (but calling himself a chef), ordering Starbucks (via mobile app), reading the news from his iPhone, star gazing app, classical music, and bathroom time. There has yet to be any discovery of another Churle amongst us. That is why it is important to define the Churle in order to draw out and identify others! Master does not believe others exist...

Not a word.. A being
Person 1: "Who's that freak over ther?"
Person 2: "No way, thats the Churle!"
by Churle101 July 31, 2018
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