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As a male, to get fucked in the ass by multiple males at once. Taken from the flash video Ultimate Orgy, can be found on Newgrounds if curious.
"Which of these erotic ads are you going to answer to?"
"All of them, I'm set to get Chuck Norris'd this weekend."
by Tolous February 19, 2010
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1.) To roundhouse kick someone.

2.) To win at something.

3.) Another way to say, "Dude, you got pwned by a girl!"
1.Don't make me Chuck Norris you!

2.Man, i was playing w/ my cousin the other day and i Chuck Norris'd him by accident.

3.Dude, you just got Chuck Norris'd
by Chuck Norris'd January 07, 2010
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Describes any former star whose only fans today are ironic, and lavish said star with ironic praise, especially on the internet, like former action star Chuck Norris.
Some guy: Man, Steven Seagal got Chuck Norris'd. Remember when we used to genuienly think he was cool in movies like "Hard to Kill" and "Above the Law"?
Another guy: Yeah, these days when people praise him they're being ironic.
Some guy: "Hey, speaking of Chuck Norris, do you think he knows kids passing around "Chuck Norris Facts," are not his fans and are actually ridiculing him?"
Another guy: "I can't imagine why not, but he seems pretty clueless."
by Dracula's Spine January 19, 2008
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When someone punches you in the nose so hard that you see an image of Chuck Norris, himself.
Random Dude: Holy fuck, that dude punched me in the face so hard I Chuck Norris'd myself!
Me: That sound's wrong!
by #ChuckNorris'd March 14, 2013
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when someone asks if something is something and the word sounds like Norris
you will then awnser back "it is Norris" then yell "YOU JUST GOT CHUCK NORRIS'D!"
Twat : sir, does that say nourished
You : no, it says Norris
Everybody including you : YOU JUST GOT CHUCK NORRIS'D
by Hazza_Slack January 23, 2015
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When you take a huge hit of marijuana, typiccaly from a bong, and your lungs burn so much it feels like you got kicked in the chest my Chuck Norris.
The first time I took a 15 second hit, I got Chuck Norris'd
by TheUnwritenMyth April 20, 2017
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