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A myth based on a lie straight women tell their ugly straight male friends as a less hurtful way of rejecting their sexual advances. It is said that if a man doesn't immediately make his romantic intentions known that the woman will forever consider him a friend. He is then said to be in the "friend zone."
Julie: "Fred's a nice guy, but he's kinda fat and ugly, so when he asked me out, I told him I didn't want to risk ruining our friendship. I mean, maybe if he lost a few pounds..."
Nancy: "Good idea. That way his feelings aren't hurt. You really sidestepped that one."

Fred: "Julie's totally into me, but she considers the friendship too important to act on her intense desire for me."
Steve: "Aw, man, you're totally in the friend zone. That sucks. So what now?"
Fred: "Well, I guess I have to keep trying, right? I mean, she must find me attractive."
Steve: "Totally."
by Dracula's Spine January 19, 2008

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Someone who scans every use of the word irony, and if it doesn't rigidly adhere to Ed Byrne's definition of situational irony, he proceeds to attack, often reciting Byrne's stand up act. See also irony police.
Some guy: "Poor Chuck Norris's fans only appreciate him ironically nowadays..."
Irony Nazi: "Hey! That's not ironic, that's just unfortunate!!"
Some guy: "Wha?"
Irony Nazi: "Irony is when there's a gap between what happens and what was expected to happen!"
Some guy:"No, that's verbal irony..."
Irony Nazi: "Silence! Ed Byrne told me that when people don't use 'irony' the right way, it's just unfortunate and not ironic! Heil Ed Byrne
by Dracula's Spine January 20, 2008

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Describes any former star whose only fans today are ironic, and lavish said star with ironic praise, especially on the internet, like former action star Chuck Norris.
Some guy: Man, Steven Seagal got Chuck Norris'd. Remember when we used to genuienly think he was cool in movies like "Hard to Kill" and "Above the Law"?
Another guy: Yeah, these days when people praise him they're being ironic.
Some guy: "Hey, speaking of Chuck Norris, do you think he knows kids passing around "Chuck Norris Facts," are not his fans and are actually ridiculing him?"
Another guy: "I can't imagine why not, but he seems pretty clueless."
by Dracula's Spine January 19, 2008

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