An event often held by companies in which employees frequently consume more alcohol than a baby elephant. Ass grabbing, photocopying genitals, inner-office hook ups , some idiot puts a lampshade on his head, and the boss gets sloshed and fires everyone are typical events.
Hello fellow co-worker, may I drink whiskey out of your navel and you can do a line of blow off my errect penis at this year's Christmas Party?
by Jeremy April 1, 2005
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An event during which the maximum capacity of a residence is pushed to the limit, potentially causing a fire hazard
Girl: Wanna come to my family's christmas party?
Friend: Will it be like last year when the decorations caught on fire and the firemen yelled at your parents for having so many people in the house?
Girl: Probably
Friend: Then hellz yeah, I'll be there!!!!
by handal is my handle December 5, 2010
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A place where you have an excuse to steal presents from others and indulge yourself with sweets. There is a 25% decrease in getting laid at a Christmas party than a regular party.
Joe: "How'd the Christmas party go?'
KALLEN: "I stole everyone's presents, I ate a shit ton of shit, and I got laid!"
Joe: "How do you get laid at those parties?"
by Venobi December 4, 2014
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The unfortunate circumstance when a group of individuals is trapped in an enclosed space (train, plane, bus) and one of them (usually unknown and having recently ingested a burrito or cup of chili) breaks wind, creating a cloud of misfortune for all involved.

Closely related: Dutch Oven
A: "Hey dude, I bet you it was one of those girls that started the Mexican Christmas Party on the train yesterday."

B: "Ayeeeeee - who farted? I walked right into a Mexican Christmas Party!!!"

by Mariano Webster October 17, 2008
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A girl/guy at your office that will be the target for affection for a drunken rondevous after the Christmas party
Steve: you see that , I think she works on 9.
John: that looks like a Christmas Party takedown right there.
by phon3guy September 28, 2015
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A party at the end of the horrible year of 2020 and 2021 to celebrate the ending of the 'Covid Year'. In this party we all enjoy and relish to celebrate the probable decline of COVID-19.
Hey Bro you coming to the Christmas Party of 2021?
by TweetTheOriginal November 24, 2021
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When you stick your penis in the thing you pour water into and your friends are watching and joining in slowly and slowly
Christmas Tree Party is the perfect gift if you want to be pleasured
by Hms Faggots December 22, 2017
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