When someone decorates a house for Christmas and puts 1000 too many decorations on their front lawn. It literally looks like someone ate 2000+ Christmas decorations the night before and had Severe Diarrhea on their small front lawn the next morning.

The symptoms for this is: 5-7 blow up, Reindeer, Santa's, or Snowmen. A Manger scene with 4-6 extra sheep from previous manger scene sets. White, colored or even blue lights on every inch of the house. Plastic Santa's sleighs with Reindeer on the roof. Plastic snowman's, Elf, Santa Faces, etc.
Holy Crap!! Look at that house!!! There are so many decorations on their front lawn they have to be sick with CHRISTMAS DECORATION DIARRHEA.

Last week I took Spot for a walk and saw my neighbor squatting on his front lawn moaning, cause he had severe CHRISTMAS DECORATION DIARRHEA!
by Amanda Diarrhea December 13, 2009
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Also known as ECDS. The condition whereby one cannot help but decorate for christmans rediculously early.
John: Yo that lady accross the road suffers from ECDS.
Mike: ECDS????
John: Early Christmas Decoration Syndrome. We in early November and she is already decorating for christmas.WTF?
by meckox November 21, 2016
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Lights and inflatables to show your love for Christmas during the holiday season. Mostly ruined by insane people putting their decorations up as soon as Halloween ends or sometimes even earlier.
"I need to put my Christmas decorations up."
by youngsavage69 November 25, 2018
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