A red-faced, little lying bastard who loves to treat people like shit, and who also needs to get out of people's lives and find one of his own!!
Dude, that guy is acting like a Chris!
by Melanie Diane Walters June 10, 2005
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Usually given to a funny guy that makes mean jokes.
That "Chris" is one Bitch Ass Nigga -Nerdy Kid
by Carlbobjoe7 November 11, 2009
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Just horrible. He fails more than anybody. He tries to fit in, but he just cant manage to stop failing.
Dude, that guy's name must be Chris.
by Ssgoku_012 January 16, 2009
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Best guy ever :) So lovable and will always make you laugh and smile :) Sexy as H*LL and will kick some A$$ if he has to. My one and only :)
Me: Chris is DA BOMB
Friend: Yeah, I know right!
by LOC0730 October 11, 2011
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Chris is a character. never knows what he wants till its to late. is not good with commitment. but is very good at sex. knows exactly what a girl wants physically but not emotionally. needs a push in the right direction most of the time. but has a good heart. tends to fall for the hard headed bitches.
by littlemermaid13 September 06, 2011
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A ruggedly handsome individual that has swimable eyes and a sharp jawline. He also cannot dance to save his life and he cannot think for himself. The only cure is to find a friend companion with Aries or Picses as their astrological sign. His pride will hurt him in the end. He will be fit for a long lasting marrage with the person that can get past his many vices.
That boy, Chris, has a lot going for him.
by Eatshit. May 10, 2014
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Chris is an amazing boyfriend that is very loveable. He is very kind and caring. Once you get to know him you'll be glad that you did because he makes your life go from shit to amazing very quickly. He has a big dick and you'll want to give him head instantly. He makes you want to do so many kinky things but it's great because you wanted to do them anyway. He is so easy to love and when he loves you it feels great. He can make you feel millions of amazing ways. Chris is the best person you'll ever meet by far.
Chris is papi. He can be a sleepy head yet
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