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A person that is both exceedingly tall and skinny with small eyes that resemble those of a shrimp (shrimp eyes). Often a "Chrimp" will be over 6 feet tall but weigh under 130 lbs.
Actors John Hawkes and DJ Qualls. Historical figure Abraham Lincoln.

"Make sure you roll your car windows all the way up or a chrimpy mother fucker will reach through that crack and get your shit!"

"My friend is such a chrimp he makes pants out of dryer hose."

"That guy is so chrimpy his fingers look like pool ques"
by Octagonatron July 06, 2009
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Acronym. Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program. CHRIMP is a successful methodology to achieve life-cycle hazardous material control and management (HMC&M) and pollution prevention at the command and faciity levels. The Navy CHRIMP manual provides a standardized approach and guidance fo the development and implementation of centralized HMC&M practices that result in reductions of hazardous material that is procured, stocked, distributed, and eventually disposed as hazardous waste.
"What do we do with this expired HAZMAT?"
"Take it to the CHRIMP center, they handle all the incoming and outgoing hazmat on base."
by CHRIMP Chimp September 07, 2013
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