That boy think im going to let him chop he must be dumb.
by Kandi_Jonez December 08, 2008
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A handy punching area of one's face, sometimes referred to as the cheeks
"Hey Billy, You're going the right way for a slap round the chops"
by TMB June 17, 2003
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An opportunistic way for strategic drivers to shorten their travel time. Mainly used by green P plate uni students (aerospace engineers included)
Liam did a phat chop of a Suzuki swift, red P plater trying to get to skrrtt to his programming lecture
by absmcflabs March 19, 2019
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Chop: a dynamic descriptive that can be used in multiple contexts to make reference to a person whom has carried out an act of stupidity or annoyance. Or it may be used directly as a noun for a person you dislike for a more trivial matter.
"Hey, that guy just cut the line! I'm going to tell him that's chop behaviour and get him back here!"

"My flatmate is a Chop, she likes to leave skid marks in the loo!"

"My Ex dumped me yesterday, he was such a Chop!"
by Lazyyeti September 08, 2019
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Vicodin, or pretty much any kind of pain killer.

Being "chopped" is the effect. A post-chop tear-down is eating a chop right after smoking some pot. They go hand in hand.
"Hey bro, hook it up with some free chops!" or "I'm fuckin' chopped up" or "Heinz, Hook it up with a chop!"

by Chop Master November 01, 2007
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