Vagina : canal leading from the vulva to the uterus of the female mammal
Primarily used in context of human female
It has shades of meaning.Vagina biological name.
object of men's lust
used in abusing
Now it doesnt mean vagina only as then TERI MAA KI CHOOT would mean simply YOUR MOTHER"S VAGINA , rather it means I want your mother's vagina.
Iski choot leni hai : I want to fuk her
Choot maar donga : I'll fuk you
Choot mein lund daal do : Insert your Penis in the vagina in front of you
by Munish August 24, 2003
choot is an exotic food to have with wine..a nice chut can b a great tension reliever...different types of choot ;dry chute;wet chute;flab chute;hairy chute ;para chute
arey tight choot milegaa kya....aaj mujhe sirf tera choot chudvaana hai...uske baat gaand maroogaa teri
by Lund Fakir August 3, 2003
Choot = Pussy , i.e. wet Pussy, dry Pusy , Hot Pussy , Pusssssssssy n Pusssyyy
Choot woh cheez hai jise logon ne na jane kitne martaba MARA hai lekin woh aaj bhi jinda hai
by Lund done September 4, 2003
Saanp or choot jahan dekho waheen maar do warna woh tumhen dus len gey...
example kya? dimagh use karo na chootia
by mast malang June 9, 2004
To choot someone.
To give them a hug.

Derived from the emote in Haikyuu Discord Server.
Gib me a choot
I want a choot
by Choot Me pls April 1, 2020
Indian slang for vagina. Used as Pussy is.

I've banged her choot out of shape.

"Choot ke Bhoot!"- Ghost(s) from a Vagina!
by Nevermindme January 27, 2009
Choot means most beautiful part of female body i.e. her vagina
Choot woh bala hai jiske liye duniya ka har lund paagal hai. Kuch mote lund choot of phaad bhi dete hain
by Sadhu August 14, 2003