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Some one who is a memeist and dabs for no good reason this person also enjoys play video games and making up words to annoy people
Hey you know that gur brad he is such a chongus
by Chongus505 May 27, 2018
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Hardened, condensed, crystallized whale mucus. Found in the deep depths of the oceans or and some rivers
Dude! I really wanna go diving for chongus
by Dumthiccdictionary December 11, 2017
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a mushroom tip, wiener, penis, meat rod you stick into a girl's lugao.
Albert: Dude my chongu is so hard right now
Albert's Dad: Son...i am so disappoint
by secretsauce September 14, 2011
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A person who intentionally chundies while kissing in an attempt to make the other person more attracted to them.
I met this guy last night and he was perfect, but as we started getting mkre sexual I found out he was a chongus..... Now I can't get enough of him!
by Moist Doink November 28, 2017
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