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Chogan is the Twitter famous duo who have sparked a huge uproar among their followers. They are perfect in every single way possible. Don't even try to flirt with them, because you'll be one out of a million fan girls. They're a force to be reckon with.
When I grow up, I want to be just as perfect as Chance and Logan.

Chogan is perfect.

Team Chogan
by vap0reon September 09, 2012
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An uncircumcised penis that is wider than it is tall. A combination of the words chode and wagon.
The woman was unwillinging to have sex with the fat Mexican man due to his disgusting chogan that smelled terrible and couldn't fit in her pussy.
by wefhdhdhd July 07, 2009
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An incredibly ugly Australian who hasn't combed their mullet in a very long time. Characterised by the face that resembles a Klingon's rectum, and unwashed flannelette shirts. A combination of the words bogan and chode.
That chogan looks like he's had his face beaten in with a shovel. Let's call him shovelface.
by Nerje June 05, 2003
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