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the religion which includes every man with a chode. Whenever you see one of these there is nothing you can do but bow your head and feel sorry. Chodists believe in the golden chode theory of life and go to pinguis palosus every sunday (fat and hairy in latin). AJ is the chodism god, And only allows one holiday called purple-headed-sympathy in which people feel sad for the chodists and give them presents.
Dude bow your head it's a chodist!
not only a chodist it's the chodism god AJ!
by Mitch Evanier December 12, 2007
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a man named nolans religion and when he finds the frist man with a chode he will worship for the rest of his life.
"i worship chodism, you?"
by nolan brann April 23, 2003
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A disease that women catch that make their lower body twice as large as their upper body and stay under 5'2. The disease makes the victims nipples weird or deformed. It also causes them to be hipsters and deny it at all cost. Chode people or chodes as they are usually called can be spotted in skinny jeans that don't fit so when they stand up from lying on a couch their ass hangs out.
Mark: Dude, that girl is so unproportionate she is a chode.

Scott: Ya i know she must have weird fucking nipples too.

Mark: It's a sham she suffers from Chodism.
by Ur. average gay dude. March 15, 2011
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