a choch is synonymous to a douche bag and is defined as a male with spiked hair (usually blonde or bleached blonde), a fake tan and fake jewelry. In other words, a choch is totally fake.
A: That choch told me his name was Antonio Giovanni.

B: No man, that's not his real name! He just made that up that choch bag name to impress the ladies!

C: With a name like Antonio Giovanni you know he's a choch and full of $h*t!
by Antonio Giovanni da Choch! October 12, 2011
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Another word for a jerk or tool. There are many derivitives such as Dinglechoch, Choch McMuffin, Chicken Choch Pie, and Chochbag just to name a few.
Man that Max kid is such a Choch.
by OperationCWAL95 November 5, 2010
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When Loan Paul becomes Mickey (his character, from his new movie, Valley Girls) he looks like such a choch
by A_MaVerIcK22 June 21, 2017
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That guy is such a choch.
he wears chochy clothes.
what a choch.
by zo898 June 7, 2010
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1. "Ultra cool" hip college kids that fill bars to the bursting point. They all wear the same clothes, have the same haircut, talk the same, have the same superior attitude, and are all dicks.
2. Guys who think they are cool and are not, but aren't afraid to kick your ass to prove how cool they aren't.
3. Frat guys, Guidos, preps, Jocks, etc. Any group of guys that can be defined using one word.
4. Anybody who truly believes they are cool.
Everybody in there was wearing flanel shirts and white baseball hats, total Choch bar.

by Moremanthanmachine February 2, 2008
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Think of the biggest douche you know. Now think of his/her penis. That is a choch.
-Hey, look at that douche wearing a hat and sunglasses inside. He smells like Axe and thinks that acting like a jerk will get him women.
-What a choch.
by Evan S.. November 11, 2010
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