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A Chivette is a female that is such an attention whore she will pose nearly nude in several suggestive ways and post the pictures on so people will argue over how sexy she is in the comment sections such as that of the DAR.

She will typically have a low level job, make stupid duckfaces, and have several trendy tattoos. Also, her bedroom, where she takes her pictures, will be a mess.
Craig: "Did you see #35 on today's DAR?"

Phil: "Sure did! That Chivette looked like Sasha Grey with that ass except she doesn't get paid like a pornstar!"

Craig: "Chive on!"
by tsukasu July 24, 2014
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A woman who takes pride in herself, not only for her innate beauty, whether big or small, but also for her actions that help to make a better life for society in general. She accomplishes this through donating items or raising funds (and encouraging others to do so) for charitable organizations and individuals who are in real need. She does most of this while being part of a Local Chive Chapter or asking that (or many other) Chive Chapters to be involved in her fundraising efforts. Some Chivettes may appear on and others may never. Some Chivettes may drink when they go to group events and others may never…. Chivettes come in all sizes shapes, attitudes, and colors from all over the world… The one thing we have in common is that we want to empower each other and do good for others. This is the true meaning of being a Chivette.
Amy, Sharon, and Melissa had such a great time volunteering, raising money, and running at the Atlanta Cupid Undie Run! It was great to find out how much all the Chivers and Chivettes from our local Atlanta Area Chivers group raised for these children with brain cancer!
by MHMAAC February 24, 2015
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A Chivette is a female who recognizes the awesomeness that is the Chive.

She... frequents

occasionally submits pictures of herself looking sexy

knows and loves DAR.

takes joy in witnessing the epic fails of others.

is the perfect woman.
That chivette is dead sexy, The Chive needs to find her!
by MeMilan37 May 08, 2011
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A female who is a regular reader of, is familiar with the DAR, DMA and the other awesomeness that is Known for being laid back, able to keep calm, have a good time and enjoy the more awesome things in life mixed with randomness and the occasional motivational poster. Is comfortable with her sexuality and usually willing to share photographs of herself for hump day, the DAR, DMA, or just for the simple sake of sharing stress-relieving and sexy imagery with the other Chivers.
Generally recognized as being part of a larger whole that is the Chiver community, will welcome other Chivers into their life for at least the length of a photo or a beer.

Always responds to a call of "Chive on!"
I thought that girl was amazing when I first met her, right up until I found out she was a Chivette. Now I know she's perfect.
by SquishyFlint December 05, 2011
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A female who posts semi-nude pictures to twitter & other social media under the hashtag #Chivette to gain attention & followers. Chivettes will post pics being as naked as possible but mostly refusing to show nipples.

As a chivette, anyone willing to show most of their breasts can become adored and feel wanted without the normal difficulties of having a boyfriend (i.e. giving bj's, swallowing, accompany him to free dinners/movies, etc)

A chivette does not like "negative" attention, you are not to call her out for posting semi-nude provocative pictures. This is frowned upon as the chivette posts semi-nude photos under the guise of "freedom" & "self-expression". You are not to say anything sexually explicit regarding her nude pics, "beg" for more pics, or more nudity.

Once a chivette gains a sufficient amount of followers the semi-nude/nude pics become less frequently tweeted and replaced by things such as: what she ate, cat pics, meme's, and useless platitudes about life or proverbs/quotes. At this point the chivette will begin to lose some followers. Eventually the chivette will begin posting provocative pics to regain followers as only her White Knight followers remain to tell her exciting her cat pics are.

Most of the White Knights also buy the Chivette's gift packages or various other items like branded beer, green towels/shirts, etc. In return the White Knights get nothing nor do they deem it acceptable to get something, the true mark of a White Knight.
Person 1: Did you see that pic of the girl on twitter, you can almost see her nipples?
Person 2: Yeah, she's a chivette posting pics for attention but won't show her nipples.
Person 1: No, that doesn't make sense, I think she might show her nipples in her next photo you can almost see them already.
Person 2: Ok bro I like that you're staying positive, you keep going through the cat pics and memes, maybe you will get lucky eventually.
by wordboss-502 July 12, 2015
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