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A female who posts semi-nude pictures to twitter & other social media under the hashtag #Chivette to gain attention & followers. Chivettes will post pics being as naked as possible but mostly refusing to show nipples.

As a chivette, anyone willing to show most of their breasts can become adored and feel wanted without the normal difficulties of having a boyfriend (i.e. giving bj's, swallowing, accompany him to free dinners/movies, etc)

A chivette does not like "negative" attention, you are not to call her out for posting semi-nude provocative pictures. This is frowned upon as the chivette posts semi-nude photos under the guise of "freedom" & "self-expression". You are not to say anything sexually explicit regarding her nude pics, "beg" for more pics, or more nudity.

Once a chivette gains a sufficient amount of followers the semi-nude/nude pics become less frequently tweeted and replaced by things such as: what she ate, cat pics, meme's, and useless platitudes about life or proverbs/quotes. At this point the chivette will begin to lose some followers. Eventually the chivette will begin posting provocative pics to regain followers as only her White Knight followers remain to tell her exciting her cat pics are.

Most of the White Knights also buy the Chivette's gift packages or various other items like branded beer, green towels/shirts, etc. In return the White Knights get nothing nor do they deem it acceptable to get something, the true mark of a White Knight.
Person 1: Did you see that pic of the girl on twitter, you can almost see her nipples?
Person 2: Yeah, she's a chivette posting pics for attention but won't show her nipples.
Person 1: No, that doesn't make sense, I think she might show her nipples in her next photo you can almost see them already.
Person 2: Ok bro I like that you're staying positive, you keep going through the cat pics and memes, maybe you will get lucky eventually.
by wordboss-502 June 30, 2015
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Victim Blaming (or victim shaming) is when people blame someone for getting themselves hurt or into a bad situation. Since people have no way to refute the argument that the victim should've taken more precaution they use an invented term like "Victim Blaming".

We can all take more precaution in every dangerous action we engage in - whether that's driving (drive slower), climbing a ladder (have someone hold it), or any activity in which there is a possibility that something can go wrong and result in injury.

The "Victim Blaming" term also insists that the victim suffered through no fault of their own. In other words, the victim is not responsible for anything that happens to them and simply pointing out that more caution should've been exercised makes you a bad person. People who are accused of "victim blaming" are not excusing the behavior the aggressor, which is often misunderstood by people who simply shout "victim blaming" at others.
Person1: That Lion tore my arm off when I was just walking through the jungle minding my own business.

Person2: We'll you shouldn't be walking through the jungle alone without protection. That's dumb.
Person1: You're victim blaming asshole!
Person2: No, I just think it's common sense to not put yourself in danger. Even I don't walk through the jungle alone.

Person1: Victim Blaming!

Person2: I didn't want you to lose your arm, I'm just pointing out the simple fact that, had you been more cautious, you might still have your arm. I only mention it so you and others might be more careful next time.
Person1: Rapist! Bigot! Racist! I hope a lion tears your arm off.

Person2: *Facepalm*
by wordboss-502 April 17, 2018
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