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Adjective describing something so Awesome or Amazingly cool

Def 2: Impeccably Clean

Originated in the South (TX)
Guy #1 -"Aye check out ol' boys swagg"
Guy #2- " yuhh he's looking so Chito Right now"
by Chizzy_P November 19, 2009
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A person who purposely goes places with friends or family knowing that he has no money but hopes that someone will "Spot Him". Or will just start to eat off of your plate without asking while making sad faces while looking at everyone one else eat or have fun making everyone feel guilty until someone pays for him.
Everytime we go do something fun Chito comes and makes us feel bad cuz he's always broke, so then someone has to pay for him or share with him.
by InfamousC December 12, 2011
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Noun- (Pronounced like Cheeto) A Chinese Guido. Often found in Beijing Clubs, or lurking in the back of Beijing subway trains.
Dude we were in Sanlituan and these skeezy Chi-tos tried to hit on my girlfriend.

Hey you want to go to Wudaokou and fuck up some random Chi-tos?

The club was rad until a big group of Chi-tos came in and stood awkwardly around the dance floor.
by Beijing Phooy November 11, 2010
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I heard that football stud caught a bad case of chito. His knees are all fucked up. It sucks big time.
by Greg Padden October 01, 2006
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a curse word, to represent your anger yet still look cute and innocent.
chito! i should buy a present for my bff this week. how can i forgot?
by dontcallyourexbabyanymore September 22, 2016
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