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Spanish, literally meaning "little Chinese boy" vs Chino which excludes the -ito ending.. Chinito/Chinita is commonly used toward Asians (primarily those of known or assumed Chinese decent) and other non Asian races and cultures who may have characterisics (esp physical) that aré typically considered Asiatic.

When Chinito is used as a slang term the meaning can be term of endearment, or just general hyperbolic description. -ito -ita is often used as adjunctive to Spanish words to make them more informal and endearing, not necessarily (or likely) meant literally commenting on size in a deragatory way.
GF: Hola, mi sexy papi chinito! (hey my sexy chinese daddy)
BF: Que tal, mi amor pequeñita (Sup, my little love)

friend1: How was NY?
friend2: Chinatown i was the only one not Chinito there!

Mom1: ...she's 2months old now
Mom2: aww! Que linda! Look at this preciosa chinita!
by Reigns June 18, 2011
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Eastern-Asian person who has small slanted eyes. Equal to the word "chink" or "chinky person". Usually nickname Hispanics usually give this name to anyone with Asian background or slanted eyes of a Asian.
Magic Man (Mexican): Ey Jonny Punani, ey Lil' Chinito Lokz.
Punani (Mexican) : Sup?
Lil' Chinito Lokz (Asian): Hey buddy.
by Lil' Chinito Lokz May 13, 2008
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A derrogatory and racist term in spanish used by mexicunts and other latin american countries. Equivalent to "chink". mexicunts usually use this term to label all East Asian people with small eyes. So Coreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipinos would also be labelled as "chinitos". Shows the ignorance of the hispanic culture.
mexicunt: "Hey you chinito. Why you speak funny?"

Chinito: "Look at yourself dirty brown dwarf. At least we have basektball players in the US. No such a thing as a tall mexicunt like you. Go eat a burrito with your hands."
by CloseTheBorder March 26, 2008
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the word that little asian kids get called when they go to an all mexican school. these little asian kids get bagged, bullied, and pissed on by beaners.
Beaner: "Que Paso, Chinito? ready to get fucked up, ese?"
Lil' Asian Kid:" i hope they don't put tacos up my ass again. that fucking hurt"
by minhdang May 09, 2006
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Spanish term for "Little Chinese Man". But since most Chinese are little in height(among other things), using the term is redundant because shortness is understood to go hand in hand with the Chinese.
Mexican guy: Hola chinito
Chinese guy: Hey wetback my penis is not THAT small!
by notrichard April 24, 2007
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