Spanish, literally meaning "little Chinese boy" vs Chino which excludes the -ito ending.. Chinito/Chinita is commonly used toward Asians (primarily those of known or assumed Chinese decent) and other non Asian races and cultures who may have characterisics (esp physical) that aré typically considered Asiatic.

When Chinito is used as a slang term the meaning can be term of endearment, or just general hyperbolic description. -ito -ita is often used as adjunctive to Spanish words to make them more informal and endearing, not necessarily (or likely) meant literally commenting on size in a deragatory way.
GF: Hola, mi sexy papi chinito! (hey my sexy chinese daddy)
BF: Que tal, mi amor pequeñita (Sup, my little love)

friend1: How was NY?
friend2: Chinatown i was the only one not Chinito there!

Mom1: ...she's 2months old now
Mom2: aww! Que linda! Look at this preciosa chinita!
by Reigns June 19, 2011
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A word primarily used as a sense of endearment or addressing to somebody with asian descent, not really as a way of insult to them. In comparison where the word, "Chink" is used with hostility. It is hard to say "chinito" with much hostility or disrespect. Used mostly in south america as not really an aggressive term but referring to a young chinese man.

Also used in non spanish speaking countries in south east asia with spanish the phillipines, the word is regarded more as a compliment. A music video by a Fillipino singer, Yeng Constantino used the word in a purely romantuc sense.
The maid says to the korean traveller, "hola chinito, do you want room servicing?"
by Green world May 30, 2019
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Eastern-Asian person who has small slanted eyes. Equal to the word "chink" or "chinky person". Usually nickname Hispanics usually give this name to anyone with Asian background or slanted eyes of a Asian.
Magic Man (Mexican): Ey Jonny Punani, ey Lil' Chinito Lokz.
Punani (Mexican) : Sup?
Lil' Chinito Lokz (Asian): Hey buddy.
by Lil' Chinito Lokz May 14, 2008
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the word that little asian kids get called when they go to an all mexican school. these little asian kids get bagged, bullied, and pissed on by beaners.
Beaner: "Que Paso, Chinito? ready to get fucked up, ese?"
Lil' Asian Kid:" i hope they don't put tacos up my ass again. that fucking hurt"
by minhdang May 10, 2006
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Term of endearment used in South America equivalent to "honey", "sweetheart". Usually used withing a relationship or towards children.

It is not related to the term chinito, as a diminute of Chino, the ". A more like origin is a fusion between Chino referring to slanted eyes (a caracteristic of native populations of most of south america) and the quechua term "China" which refers to a woman. (Mi China= my wife, my woman, my sweetheart).

Similar to mamita, or papito but with more romantic undertones.
Te quiero tanto, mi chinito.

Que paso, mi chinito/chinita, te caiste?
by Leontina October 7, 2021
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A burrito for Chinese people.
Can symbolize a big fat Egg Roll which is rolled up like a burrito.
Hey Kent, let's go to Acupulco and order a Chinito Burrito.

Hey Reyna, did you see that chinito burrito when we had for dimsum last weekend?
by tadowta July 6, 2006
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a spray that desensitizes the penis for longer sex. usually in a white bottle with a black top, horse head symbol and Chinese letter characters (chinito letters)
yo i wanna impress this chick im goin to bone tonight, so im going to get some chinito spray.
by siscarface June 2, 2010
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