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A phrase that describes how people distort an original message down the line.
Girl 1 to Boy 1: Man, I think Communism is a good idea but it sucks when applied to real life.

Boy 1 to Girl 2: Dude,Girl2 totally supports Communism!
by GeezLouise August 19, 2005
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When you wake-up face down and not alone to the sounds of whisper, whisper, whisper and the tickle of some unknown tongue & lips licking/ rimming your back door/ anus. Although it may feel incredible on the sphincter you can't help but crook your head around with eyes half shut Chinese eyes to see who it is. This often occurs after a night of heavy drinking followed by a black-out and waking up with a stranger.
After a night at Club 747 I woke up to a Cougar giving me Chinese Whispers.
by SB -TCMD-BE May 28, 2008
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The act of blowing on someone's perineum.
1984, T. AUGARDE Oxf. Guide to Human Sexuality xviii: "This is the basis for a game which ‘Professor Hoffmann’... calls Russian Gossip (also known as Chinese Whispers). The participants are arranged in a circle, and the first player blows air sensuously against the exposed perineum of the next player, and so on round the circle."
by Sir Bane February 01, 2010
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Originally blowing crunk into a girls anus, then felching it out and blowing it into her vagina, then sucking it out again and blowing it into another orifice. Continue to do this until there is no ejaculate left to suck.
Last night me and julie played chinese whispers late into the night
by Tom Cressey May 13, 2008
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