The coolest girl in the world. Loves music, looks beautiful everyday, and is artistic like you wouldn't believe. Khristian's often think little of themselves, which is insane, considering that they are one of the coolest types of people ever. They're caring, smart, funny, and creative. They often play bass, write poetry, sing, or just keep busy by being a total badass. Khristians go along PERFECTLY with Tylers, and they usually work out to be together FOREVER! Khristians are amazing people, and make great mothers. You'll find yourself feeling whole whenever you're near one.
That girl is amazing. Totally a Khristian.
by Tylertylertylertylertyler<3 January 19, 2012
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A khristian is a person who calls him or herself a "christian" and claims he or she follows the teachings of the Bible, but in reality refuses to follow those rules, on the excuse that they are all "negotiable." In other words, a fake Christian.
Mike Pence calls himself a Christian, but the reality is that his morality is typical of all khristians. It's all negotiable.
by flybd5juan January 19, 2018
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