When you are walking in one direction and someone walking towards you end up at the same spot so you both move to the side further blocking eachother. The side movements can persist for 1-alot of times. This usually happens when encountering an Asian person.
I fully played Chinese Checkers on the way to the bathroom
by Sir One Eyed Several January 19, 2010
Taking a snap chat of someone giving you fellatio while driving. Comparing the level of difficulty of Chinese Checkers with the act and taking into account the small size of the penis involved.
We played Chinese Checkers on the way home last night... I almost hit the ditch!
by Marky N December 23, 2014
When a man rests each of his testicles on a supine woman's eyes and then 'hops' one testicle over her nose and into her mouth.
Her nose was so big I could barely play Chinese Checkers.
by ThreedeeM July 11, 2008
When you’re an Asian gay man skipping from partner to partner until your king of the pile
Lee was Chinese checkered at the New Year’s Eve party
by Supervoris January 1, 2019
Also known as chink checkers, checkers for chinks. Chinky checkers.
"The chinks played chinese checkers."
by Matt Sinclair July 6, 2006
Cashiers at the Beijing 7-11.
Let's go down the 7-11. I heard they have the new Chinese checkers in.
by concentrated oj February 20, 2008
When you do something for so long, that it starts affecting you when you're not doing it. Similar to the Tetris effect.
Jake was playing Chinese Checkers for two hours. Afterwards he kept imagining himself taking someone's eye and jumping over their other eye with it. He was a victim of Chinese Checkers Syndrome.
by XX Stone October 10, 2011