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A Chindie is a person would be half chav half indie..swaying between the two. Can be confused with a 'Scene Kid' They may listen to rap Garage etc..yet also listen to Indie bands like the Kooks and the Klaxons. They use street words like 'sic' and 'safe', yet there not dirty chav scum. However they are either converts from the chav or Indie side.For example a Indie kid that like chavvy stuff.
Or a Chav that starts to wear skinny jeans and tennis shoes.
spikey over styled hair..(emo style yet not dyed black).
They love brands like Fred Perry, Lyle & Scott, and Adidas. They would were a combination of skinny jeans, tracksuits, polo shirts and flat caps.
Hair usually straight, big hairclips etc.
Gold jewelerry hoops, big necklaces.
Cardigans,ditzy dresses, and Nike hoodies.
usually have a fag on them.
An example of a Chindie is someone like Lily Allen or the band Hadouken. A chindie would say something like 'oi bruv the Kooks are sic'.

by ALDldn May 07, 2008
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