Phrase that can be used as a put down or used to ask someone to chill out or calm the fuck down.

Dude: "dude what the fuck, thats my girl your kissing!"
Friend responds with: "Chill bro."
Dude: "dude what the fuck, thats my girl you were kissing!"
Friend responds with: "Chill bro."
by Chillest Bro April 4, 2011
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just an easy going bro who doesnt get too excited and always keeps his composure when in a tight spot. comes through in clutch when a bro's in need. and obviously drops "chill bro's" all day!

credit goes to Troy Snatz
-" bro you just smoked all my weed!"
- "chill bro"

-"Hey! you kids arent on the list your not getting in here"
- "chill bro"
by killyo'self June 14, 2010
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Somebody who tries to be cool with everybody, and fit in where ever he may go. The rational thought of a Chill Bro is severly slanted when compared to any normal person. The ideas brewed within a Chill Bros mind are enough to chill normal people to the bone. Occasional contact with Chill Bros is sometimes impossible to avoid, although be warned, too much contact may result in a normal person catching hypothermia, or even frostbite. Any and all ideas, actions, or motives presented by a chill bro, shall be classified simply as, Chill.
Man, I wish there werent so many Chill Bros around, i'm gunna catch a cold.
by thats chillll April 24, 2009
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A weekly radio show produced by two Ryerson Radio and Television Arts students featuring chill music, smooth vibes and good beats. They use the term 'chill, bro' whenever something happens that isn't chill.
Anthony was annoyed at his digital media assignment and ready to give double middles to the world, but Joey told him to "Chill Bro."
by Chill, Bro. October 24, 2011
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A phrase, used in extreme cases, which is directed toward an individual with little or no chill. Ironically, the phrase usually has little to no effect, and in many cases incites the individual to show even less chill.
Guy 1: "You come into my house, eat from my fridge, fuck my wife, and take a dump in my toilet?!?"

Guy2: "Woahhhhhhh chill bro"

*Guy1, realizing Guy2 is actually no "bro" of his, loses all chill he had left*
by Chillbro March 17, 2017
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A chill bro is a male who shares traits similar to bros, skaters, punks, and partiers. A Chill bro's main concern is to get intoxicated and have a good time, but can also enjoy themselves when surrounded by fast cars or motorcycles, and especially while at a race track. Enjoys Motocross. Chill bros enjoy modifying their cars whether it is a lifted truck, or a 98 Saturn. Chill bros listen to whatever fits their mood but generally enjoy blasting kid cudi, rise against, lil wayne, or sublime. Chill bros like their music loud. They can be found wearing things such as DC, Billabong, Metal Mulisha, or supporting their favortime Motorcycle manufacturer. Skate shoes, shoe string belts, and oakley shades are appropriate.Fitted hats to match are a must. Chill bros mostly drink monster/rockstar, or cold beers. Once again, a chill bros main concern is having a good time.
by jaytwo February 23, 2010
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A random dude that pulls over on the side of the road to help you cut a plastic sheet that is stuck under your car. At first it appears that he is running towards you with a knife to shank you, but in reality he is just here to help and is a real chill bro.
I was stuck on the side of the road with a plastic sheet wrapped around my wheel, but a chill bro knifeman came to save the day.
by Thefza October 24, 2019
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