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When, after a spicy meal, a man, preferably the governor of Texas or the President of the United States, takes a shit on a woman's chest, then titty fucks her.
"What say you and me go back to the Lincoln Bedroom and I show you what we mean in Texas by Chili Con Carne?"
by RT November 22, 2004
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when one shoves a hot (chili) pepper in someone's ass then takes a shit on their chest.
"chili con carne is when you shove a hot chili pepper up someones ass and then shit on their chest."
by chilibillie November 18, 2009
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The most awesome Latino dish ever that with leave your mouth full of fire.
Husband: "Ayyy Mami! What is this? Its deliciouso!"

Wife:"It's chili con carne!"
by Hot Mami 12345 January 27, 2011
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