its sick, little kids fucking is sick!
though, being 15, i wish i could see some 15 year old porn...
but the real young shit is fucking SICK!
by jim October 5, 2005
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Child Porn is pornography containing anyone under the legal age (which varies from country to country). It seems to be very popular online, and is starting to become more open - considering it was an underground problem for along time. The self-made King of Child Porn is R@yGold and this pseudonymned phenom shows no sign of slowing down.
Man 1: You ever watch Child Porn?
Man 2: Hell yeah, it's super easy to get nowadays!
by IceIceBaby July 25, 2004
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you know damn well what child porn is...i bet your a creepy adult looking for loopholes to get horny off of creepy stories other creepy adults make. . .that's just...ew-, i am 99% sure your just looking for a quick way to get horny but if your that rare 1% who doesn't know what it actually is ill make it short its illegal and its porn made of underage youngies having sex
by KingofStuffedAnimals May 22, 2020
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Pornography made by children for children.
Mother: Peter, I can hear you moaning. Are you watching adult material?
Little Peter: No, it's just child porn.
by kiliik September 13, 2006
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Guys who instead of a fetish for bondage or animals, like children instead.
Oh yes little Tommy yes!!
by jeffweisefan August 6, 2005
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I don't need to insert an example of how "Child Porn" is used in a sentence, just don't fucking search for it you virgin faggot.
by JoeHasABungalo February 12, 2018
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Hey Check out this Child Porn!
No, I'll stick to my Hentai, is legal, and much more entertaining!
by Taeko Hentie April 8, 2006
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